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Subtle Color Combinations I Love: Annie Sloan's Lem Lem and English Yellow

If/when I receive a piece of furniture for free, I absolutely insist on experimenting with color and painting techniques! This was a piece I was kindly gifted by friends/clients of mine, and so I knew I wanted to play with color here. I'd never tried Annie Sloan's latest color, Lem Lem, a soft green shade [a portion of the profits of this shade go toward Oxfam, so reason enough alone to try this color out!].

Console tables like this are perfect for playing with color. By design, they're an accent piece in a room, so going with a color a bit outside of your norm is perfectly okay, if not encouraged! [at least from this lover of color!]. This particular console was a challenge to paint due to the bamboo inspired spindle legs, which were so tightly spaced, it made painting them quite the endeavor. Rather than trying to create a perfectly smooth finish, I opted for a slightly distressed look, and blended a couple shades to create a varied effect.  The result ended up being surprisingly close to actual reeds of bamboo!

For the base shade [the more yellowy of the two] I went with a mixture of English Yellow and Lem Lem, with slightly more Lem Lem mixed in.  I then made a wash combining Lem Lem, English Yellow and just a hint of Florence [a deeper green/turquoise shade] for some depth.  I painted the wash on, wiping it off in quick succession with a clean rag.  As I applied this technique a couple times over, the piece naturally distressed, revealing the beautiful original wood tone. To allow the more yellow base to peek through, I used a medium coarse sand paper to gently remove the green wash. I didn't do this everywhere, since I'm more partial to a variance in color throughout any piece of furniture. The result was subtle and quite beautiful!

This console feels both modern [with the bright pop of color] and vintage [with the distressed wash effect] and I really just love the quiet play of color happening here. Today's photos are a little different from my norm! I took my standard wide shots, but the true beauty of this piece is in the delicate color variations only viewed up close. I painted this in a solid shade at first. [and there's truly nothing wrong with keeping a painted piece simple and solid!] Though it looked beautiful as it was, I just knew I needed to play with color a bit more, because why not? And I'm so glad I did! This piece is now for sale in my shop!

jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 1.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 2.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 3.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 4.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 5.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 6.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 8.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 9.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 10.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 11.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 12.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 13.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 14.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 7.jpg

Designing My Airbnb using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Hi friends! Quick post today- I'm supposed to be painting [started on this gorgeous console yesterday], but it's looking like I've come down with something [fingers crossed it's not the flu- I did get my shot!], so I'm stuck on the couch, wrapped up in blankets. While I rest up, I wanted to share some photos of a space that's very special to me, my Airbnb! It's a 'tiny house' bungalow in my backyard I completed about a year and a half ago. I used my go to paint line, Annie Sloan chalk paint on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as the sliding barn door. As I work on new pieces of furniture, I'll rotate some of my painted work into the space to keep it fresh and new.  I took these photos quite recently and thought I'd share a few here.  They feature quite a few Annie Sloan paint colors. I loved incorporating bright pops of color in the space and I hope you do too! For more photos, head to my other website, STATESOFREVERIE.COM or check out my Airbnb listing if you're ever wanting a bright, modern space to stay in on your next trip to Atlanta, Georgia! You can also find some of the pieces in my Airbnb for sale in my shop!

jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 31.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 17.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 25.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 12.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 7.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 14.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 11 copy.jpg

Paint with Bright Colors: Pink French Provincial Dresser with a Blush Wash

I haven't painted a French Provincial piece in a while, and when this one came along the other week, I decided it was time to take this classic silhouette and bring it to life with a bright, vibrant shade.  I worked with three Annie Sloan chalk paint colors to achieve this look. First I added a bit of Burgundy to Old White to get an extra bold pink. I then took Antoinette, the light blush pink shade I used on my previous pair of nightstands and created a wash. A couple tablespoons of paint plus a approximately a quarter cup of water was all I needed for this piece [and still had more left over!]. The wash takes a bit of practice and a quick hand. For this piece, I brushed the wash on, left it for only a few seconds and wiped it off with a rag. I love using washes. They give the surface of furniture movement and a softness that's hard to achieve with simply paint and distressing. I love how each piece I use this technique with has a unique finish. This piece didn't have a wood grain, and yet the wash gave it a texture that's just beautiful in person. This dresser is now available in my shop! Contact me if you're interested in this piece or have another project I can help you with.


Paint Colors I Love: Annie Sloan's Blush Pink Antoinette

It took me until the very end of 2017 to pick up this color, and I can't for the life of me understand why that is! I've loved blush pink tones all year long, using it as an accent color throughout my own home. The ubiquitous 'millennial pink' shade flooded all aspects of style and design, and yet I hesitated to use it on my painted furniture.  I was waiting for the right piece to test Annie Sloan's light blush pink, Antoinette, on and when I found this pair of nightstands, I knew it was time. 

The nightstands have a beautiful Hollywood Regency vibe to them, quite delicate with their bamboo detailing and feminine lines. The nightstands were battered by a previous and quite terrible paint job, so they needed some TLC before I'd begun painting. As always, Annie Sloan's chalk paint did a phenomenal job of covering up all manner of sin on this pair, and instantly revitalized these nightstands!  I kept the drawer pulls in their painted white and it contrasts subtly against the faint pink. I finished them with a light sanding and clear wax and I think they turned out so lovely!

I find this shade incredibly versatile and imagine it will work with all sorts of design styles [traditional, rustic, farmhouse, modern]. What I'm waiting and hoping for is the right mid century piece to try Antoinette on, but for now I'll have to settle on admiring this pair of nightstands for now! I'll have them for sale soon in my shop, so keep an eye out for them or any other pieces you're on the hunt for!


Winter Whites and Farmhouse Style: Pair of Nightstands

There's something about winter weather that makes me want to quite literally cover my entire house in white, evergreen and burgundy. I don't have the latter two colors on hand right now, so white it was for this pair of nightstands! I feel like I haven't painted with white in ages and it can be really refreshing when I come back to it. This pair instantly felt very farmhouse / rustic to me, so I kept things fairly simple, going with a heavy distressing hand and a matte white finish using Annie Sloan's Old White and white wax. I kept the styling super simple, literally grabbing a handful of 'holiday' objects from my living room and quickly placed them on the tops.  Sometimes I can't be bothered to run around the house unplugging lamps and creating a true 'bedside' vignette for nightstands, so I just style with what's on hand.  This pair is up for sale in my shop right now if you're looking for a Christmas gift for someone who loves a little farmhouse style [think Chip and Joanna Gaines!].