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New Years Resolutions: Everyone's doing it


New Years Resolutions, IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE, AND MADE EXTRA IMPORTANT AND LIKELY TO MANIFEST WITH CAPS TITLES! [okay definitely not in any particular order, and I just like using caps to yell at myself, so what?

GET A G**DAMN HAIRCUT…or you’ll have to invest in detangler soon: Yeah, things are getting a little out of hand. I haven’t had a do’ this long since high school. This is more about procrastination and slightly about a fear of cutting my hair too short and it never growing back.  I’ve heard that happens! I’m a pansy…

STOP TAKING A MILLION PHOTOS OF MY FOOD…maybe just take a few great photos instead?: Yes, this seems like an odd resolution.  I’d imagine most people would fall on the other end of the spectrum- with goals of seeing more and capturing more.  My problem is I like to hoard my moments, whether it’s a breathtaking view, a unique piece of street art, a particularly satisfying meal, I photograph it to DEATH.  I need to be more curatorial about what I decide to shoot, even if it’s just with my iPhone.  

I THINK I CAN…write more:  So I do this a fair amount, mostly for blogs and for my job in marketing but you might not know I write fiction.  I’ve been working out a manuscript for a book I’ve had in my brain for a while now, but an odd combination of perfectionism and procrastination is getting the best of me. I’m so terrified that anything I write isn’t good, and isn’t worthy of being read, so I psych myself out of writing entirely. Not good. I need to come up with ‘homework’ for this coming year.  If I set small, daily, weekly goals for my writing, and get over things having to be perfect, I think I can actually accomplish a lot…over time. I think.. And also just getting more creative with my writing and content for the blog.  That would be a nice thing to add to my harrowingly long list of ‘To Do’s!’

STOP PRETENDING I’M AN OLD ITALIAN GRANDMA…and write some recipes down!: I’ve gotten pretty great at memorizing my go-to meals and rarely need to measure or use a timer for anything.  I have that sixth sense when it comes to my cooking, which comes in very handy.  However, I’ve had many instances where friends love something I’ve made and want to know how to recreate it at home, and I start spewing lots of rambling cooking terms at them, leaving them with a dear-in-the-headlights look.  I could just sit down and write out each recipe, ideally as I create them. That way, I can easily guide friends and family to these recipes.  It might be nice to share these one day with a family of my own and I’d LOVE to have a cookbook one day, but for now, having my own personal cookbook might not be so bad.

DRESS LIKE A WORKING GIRL…wait no, not exactly: My days of jeans and hoodies have now evolved into dressing up my yoga pants with a cardigan and scarf.  That does not an adult make! I actually loathe spending money on clothes, but I know I need to up my game a little if I want to be taken seriously as a professional adult.  I improved upon this a bit over Christmas, picking up a couple pairs of decent shoes, some work-worthy tops, and more black and gray t-shirts than one should ever need.  Okay, so t-shirts aren’t exactly working woman wares- baby steps!

BEEF UP…my portfolio: This past year has been a big one.  I’ve made some big changes in my home and I’m dying to share my love for all things design with friends, family and clients! I’d love to do some free/trade work, just to gather more experience and photographs for my portfolio, I just need to start reaching out more to make things happen!

GET MY PHOTOSHOP…on the reg:  I never took an official course in photoshop, and although I’ve got a fairly good hand at creating things on it, I’d love to get 1000 times better than where I’m currently at. I’m already improving the more work I do, photos I work on, logos I create.  But I take my time with things, and I think I need to be able to streamline my work so that I get things done with Photoshop more efficiently.  I could probably take that statement and apply it to my entire life, just minus Photoshop, actually.

TWEET MORE…or die trying: NERTZ. BLERG. Yes Liz Lemon, I’m referring to you.  I think after a lot of hemming and hawing, and old crotchety grandpa complaining, I’ve finally come to understand what the real meaning behind Twitter is.  It really can be an invaluable networking tool, and a great way to start the conversation with fellow designers, those in related fields, even potential clients. I don’t have a problem with posting on Instagram, I’m not just very good at the conversation part.  I need to start reaching out to other bloggers and designers more, follow [a lot!] more people, and just generally work on my online conversation skills.  Gone are my younger days of chatrooms [sometimes I get really nostalgic for AOL..]. Welcome to the land of Twitter!