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Music Playlist: In Need of a Quick Pick Me Up?

pick me up music playlist

Today is my first day back at home after working the Atlanta Gift Show for a full week. To say I'm exhausted is beyond an understatement.  My mind and body are completely spent. That being said, trade shows are actually a unique and exciting experience. There are so many interesting new things to discover in design and people to meet from the design world and beyond.  Being someone who works predominantly from home, the shows are an overload of people and things. I'm somewhat of an introvert, but this setting forces me to go against my natural, home body tendencies. 

When working the show as an exhibitor, I need to be 'on' the entire time, and after a few days of that, it really takes a toll. Aside from resting my feet each night, it was hard to do much else [writing posts was virtually impossible]. Even now as I write this, I'm struggling a bit. It's never enjoyable to construct coherent sentences when you have a nagging headache!  But, aside from lots of rest and red wine, the best tonic for my exhaustion has been music.  Music plays such an intrinsic role in setting my mood.  I wanted to share my 'Quick Pick Me Up' playlist, which lent a big hand in helping me get through the week. The right song played at just the right time can make all the difference and provide the boost you need to get through any long day.

I imagine any song from this list in some happy, upbeat commercial [in the best way possible- many commercials actually feature some of my favorite songs!]. Enjoy :)