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Styling with Vintage Collections: Wooden Spools


Hey friends! So I'm slowly adding things to my SHOP  [did you know I have one? Check her out! My goal is to curate a space full of things I love and love to use in my designs.

These vintage wooden spools absolutely fit the bill.  Sourced from various antique shops in Atlanta, Georgia, I love the respective character each of them has.  The hard work and use these objects received over tireless years, shows in every scratch and.  I've collected them in varied colors and sizes, which adds to their unique interest.  I personally prefer using these in a set, because they're just such a cool collection of objects.  They also make a one of a kind centerpiece for your dining table, and they even work individually as a single stem vase.

I'm a sucker for anything that adds history and texture to a space.  [I also LOVE objects that photograph beautifully like these do!]  So maybe you should buy one [or seven?] here.