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Black and Blues aren't just for arms & legs: Jonathan Adler


A Simpler Design is presently being run remotely from the confines of a hotel room adjacent to the Toronto airport!  Sadly the exclamations end there.  I'm here on a work trip, which would be fine, only I have exceptionally limited internet, making all things in life difficult [HOW did we LIVE without texting and phones with the entire world wide web at our disposal???].  It took me almost an hour just to load some images onto the blog, and far it's past my bedtime as I write this. I have to be at work early, so I'm writing this the night before as I drink wine in my surprisingly comfy king size bed.  

Here are some photos from a recent visit to the Jonathan Adler store in Atlanta.  I love his store, but I first fell in love with all his colorful wonders at the New York International Gift Show [now that's a fun work trip! Sorry to throw shade [still not sure I'm cool enough to use this phrase] at Toronto, but when I'm forced to stay next to the airport and eat exceptionally overpriced food, the only options of which are pizza and steak, I get a little grumpy.  Nay, a lot grumpy. 

Back to Mr. Adler! He tends to dress rooms monochromatically, using lots of pinks, with a pop of gold or chartreuse to mix things up, or an all red room [not red rum, thankfully this guy isn't a decorator!] with a shot of mocha.  But I was completely drawn to all the blue hues at the store this trip.  Read on for my notes on my favorite little [or sizable] designer touches. 


Love how the gray-blue sofa is backed by not just a console, but two chairs flanking it.  Simple way to add an extra seating area to a space? Yes please.

2014-01-18 13.05.54.jpg

Upon closer inspection, I find an awesome graphic navy and white rug. I see a line of ties running across the floor and I like it.  The lamp is so gigantic and awesome, and I appreciate the use of black and blue in one space.   Whoever said black and blue clashed has got it all wrong!


I want to say that this reasonably priced floor sample sofa in a Hollywood regency style was what drew me over here, but let's be real: there are two birds just begging to be loved. [The one on the right is literally saying 'Love me?' with his stupidcute face!]  Is it weird that I immediately wanted to jumbo enlarge similar silo shots of my pets and frame them for my living room?  I would end up being just like one of those families that decorates with unreasonably large photos of their children.  It's not right!


I spy a mustard chevron throw [it was paired with a mixture of navy and blue pillows, I just forgot to photograph them, whoops!]  PS- someone buy me a book on tree houses, puhleeeeese??!  [I'm not Seven, I swear...]


I wanted to walk this giant sofa out the door.  It's at a least a foot too big for any space of mine, but the fabric was insanely beautiful [couldn't get a photo that did it justice] and it had such nice, clean lines.  Someone buy this for themselves so I can come hang out on it?

2014-01-18 13.07.28.jpg

Two things: If I had this backgammon board, I'd play ALL.THE.TIME.  Or at least just look at it lovingly.  Now the rug I loved from before even looks like the game board, funny how that happened! Also the cocktail table intrigues me.  I can't remember exactly how it was set up, but I love the three tonal blues used together.  


Last but not least, weiner doggie bag!  No, not your usual doggie bag, it probably can't fit the dozen cheddar bay biscuits you're looking to stash in your purse [yes, I'm the only foodie who actually has an affinity for Red Lobster...].  This clutch was really cute, and had a nice weight and quality to it. I actually don't own a clutch, so this one is in the running.  Ah, and I posted it here because it is in fact navy, which is the primary color component to this post.

Too many pretty things, too little money to hoard them with.