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Winter Exposure


The holidays were quiet and restful this year. Usually a time spent traveling to loved ones all over the world [the last three were spent in Hawaii, Washington, and Germany- I've got family everywhere!], we hunkered down at home with the brood of pets and the occasional visit of friends.  

Most of my time was spent working on this website- it's not 100%, but it's coming together! I did manage to carve out some time to play around with the camera, something I haven't done much of lately.  The new addition on the back of the house boasts a fairly expansive view of my backyard, thanks to the double wide sliding French doors. For being in a city, there are quite a few large trees spanning from my yard to my neighbors, and in the vista beyond.  'Vista' might not be the right word, since it's not exactly overlooking anything particularly breathtaking, but it's my own urban vista, which is it's own little luxury.  The trees are usually lush with green, and more recently, alive with color; golden, burgundy, ochre. But the last leaves have bid adieu, and I'm now left with branches and trunks, boughs and twigs, interlacing in that complex dance nature likes to do. 

I started photographing the trees closest in proximity to me; a combination of White Oaks, Water Oaks, Sycamores, Dogwoods, Sweet Gums, and one great big Tulip Poplar that looms [or embraces, that sounds happier!]  over the house.  I played around with exposure, contrast and saturation for these photos, but they all evoke the cool tones of winter.