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DIY Washi Tape Art: a study on patterns and color

This weekend, I had the sudden urge to create. The other day, I was on a Target run, and no trip to Target is without its impulse buys [I really should be banned from Target!]. Before I knew it, I was drawn towards the craft aisle [let's be real, this always happens!] and I quickly snapped up a few rolls of washi tape [here's an article explaining the wonders of washi]. I had an idea in mind.  I have tons of canvas boards at home, and was envisioning a grouping of fun, graphic art using my new washi loot.


This weekend, a friend and I created eight distinct washi tape pieces, and I really love how they all turned out! 


I kept things simple with my designs. I was inspired by all sorts of plaid patterns. I kept envisioning bright, colorful plaid button downs.  There's something so simple about them, but I love how the varying colors and lines come together and converge to create new colors. It goes without saying I have a slight affinity for guys in plaid! 


My friend Katie took a different approach to her washi tape art. She was inspired by graphic pieces she'd seen on Pinterest, and I absolutely love them! Each one is so unique and has a great modern aesthetic. 


Creating these was very simple.  All you need are canvas boards [these are 8x10], a few rolls of washi tape in whatever colors tickle your fancy [they literally come in every color or pattern imaginable] and a pair of scissors.  That, plus a little imagination or inspiration, and anyone can make some great graphic art!


When all eight pieces are placed together, they take on a whole new feel.  Combining the more traditional patterns of plaid with the modern, geometric pieces just makes for a great wall of art.


I can't wait to frame all of these and test them out on a gallery wall.  I think they'll make for a bright pop of color in any space!