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So long sweet summer. Hello Fall! Entertaining outdoors

It still feels like summer here in Atlanta, but our warm October nights are numbered. [that last phrase brings me right back to high school and this song] There's still time to entertain and enjoy the outdoors, and as it gets cooler, I'll start actually using my fire pit again. It reminds me there's little more I need than a bonfire, a comfy sweatshirt, a few beers [or a bottle of wine], and some good music.  My friend Kate found this beautiful vintage tub on a metal stand and transformed it into the perfect outdoor entertaining hub. I photographed it simply with a sampling of beers and her potted herb garden.  She drilled a hole in the bottom of it, so it could become a perfect spot to hold her collection of herbs. But this could easily be transformed into a bar for entertaining outdoors. The lower shelf provides a perfect spot for holding wine bottles, big lanterns, or logs of wood for the fire.  So here to beers, bonfires and a Happy Friday! -Jo