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Sourcing Furniture for Staging: Vintage Slipper Chair

Friday snuck up on me this week! I've had a lot of things to juggle, but being busy is a great feeling. I'm most excited to start a new project with my friend Kate. We're doing a whole house staging for a friend of ours who's getting ready to sell her home.  Home staging involves sourcing an entire house full of furniture, which for some might seem daunting, but not for a furniture hoarder like me!  I love the idea of taking a blank slate [they've already moved into their new home, so the house we'll stage is vacant] and styling it so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in that space. In addition to some of my existing pieces, we're also sourcing other furniture and home decor to stage the home.

Just the other day I snagged this gorgeous vintage slipper chair, upholstered in a beautiful French blue floral pattern [with the occasional duck or two]. I have plans to place this lovely chair in the master bedroom of the home, making a perfect spot for relaxing and reading. I do have the chair up for sale in my shop and on Craigslist, but it's likely going to spend the next couple months living in a new home. The rest of my weekend will be spent compiling all the items we'll be bringing over to the house next week, and I can't wait to show you how each of the rooms turn out! So to happy furniture hunting and a happy weekend! -Jo