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Bringing Furniture into the Kitchen: White Buffet and Hutch

Yesterday I started work with a new design client.  There's nothing more fun than visiting a home I haven't been to before and getting all sorts of ideas and inspiration from the space! For her home, we're focusing on organization and decluttering [something really everyone should do, no matter how much of a clean freak you are!]. This means I'm now on the hunt for furniture pieces that provide ample storage space. [the joy of the furniture hunt!]

My most recent painting project, though not the style of my client who leans more towards a mid century look, absolutely fits the bill for being a storage workhorse! I saw this buffet and hutch and knew it had great potential.  It was a shiny brown prior, and I knew it needed to a fresh start.  There's nothing better than white paint [my favorite being Old White from Annie Sloan] to take a piece from feeling dated and dreary to becoming a classic focal point in a home.  I decided to go for a more distressed feel, since this piece screams rustic farmhouse. The corners are nicely rounded and are well suited for this painting style. This piece would fit seamlessly in any kitchen or dining space.  It's solid wood and has dovetailed drawers, so it will stand the test of time and hard use that a kitchen inevitably brings. Using furniture in a kitchen makes the space far more interesting and gives it a new layer of character. I know this piece will find a good home in no time! Check it out on Craigslist or in my shop!