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Bringing Bamboo Back: Bamboo Wingback Chair

I bought this guy a while back, and it's been tucked in a corner of my bedroom for months, and really not given much thought.  But when I needed a replacement for a pair of chairs I'd just sold, I finally was able to use this chair in a space and I'm so glad I did!


I've yet to see another piece like it. It's a curved wingback armchair made entirely of bamboo! The weave pattern is really lovely and it's actually quite comfortable to sit in. It's nice to see something with such great detail and lines in a material that's entirely sustainable! This piece was made in the Philippines [where my mom is from!] so it has an added bit of nostalgia for me. 


It definitely has a retro vibe to it, but I love that it's a retro material in a more traditional form. The warm bamboo tones work rather nicely with the rest of this living space. I like that it's a statement piece, but its neutral color can work with a variety of colors and eras of furniture. It's the perfect chair to give any space an eclectic touch.


Keeping my post brief today, as I've got some serious cooking to do over the next few days! Thanksgiving is a bit belated for us this year, so I've got a little extra time to prep for the big meal on Sunday. Hoping to share some cooking progress photos on the site tomorrow!