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Before and After: Staging a Living Room

Last week, my friend Kate and I completed a whole house home staging. After lots of heavy lifting, blood, sweat and tears [okay no tears thankfully, but the blood and sweat were quite literal] we furnished the entire home in record time! Our biggest focus was on the main living area, since it's the first thing any buyer will see, and first impressions are key. The living room is quite large, with a massive floor to ceiling window [my favorite feature!]. There was enough room for us to have an entry space [perfect spot to put on your shoes and throw your jacket] and a warm, inviting seating area.  Staging and styling a room makes a huge difference to buyers and allows them to see the potential in a space. I love seeing a blank slate and envisioning what I can do with it, but not everyone is as nuts about furniture and design! Scroll down to see some great before and after shots I took of the living area. I'll share photos of the other rooms this week, but just in case you want to jump the gun, here's a link to the official listing for the house