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Bringing out Classic Details: Pair of Nightstands in Paris Gray

Whenever I'm on the hunt for furniture pieces to paint, I'm always most excited when I find a pair of nightstands I really love.  For some reason, pairs of nightstands never seem to stay together.  I always find single pieces, knowing that their partner is off in some other antique store, waiting to be purchased.  But single nightstands just aren't as popular. So finding a great looking pair like this is a real jackpot!

I was immediately drawn to the deep decorative moulding design on the fronts of the drawers. The shape almost reminds me of a quatrefoil, and has a very distinguished, classic style. Normally, I would have painted these white, but I was fresh out, and my personal preference when it comes to furniture is gray anyway.

Being my neutral of choice, I've used a lot of this particular shade, Annie Sloan's Paris Gray. All of the paints from her line vary a bit in coverage, but Paris Gray covers so quickly, allowing just a little bit to go a long way. Just to give you an idea: my one can was able to paint a large dresser, coffee table, pair of side tables, these nightstands, and was used to lighten some other colors I have on hand!

In bright sun, it reads almost white, and then at night with just a bedside lamp to illuminate it, it becomes a much softer gray. I brought out the original ash wood tones and darkened brass hardware by distressing along some of the curves and ridges of the drawer fronts and edges, which allows the protruding details to stand out even more.

Every time I paint with this shade of gray, the furniture feels less like something old and dowdy from the 60s or 70s and so much more like a beautiful antique from France. I'm continually amazed at what color can do to transform a piece.

The dressers are up for sale on Craigslist and in my shop, and if anyone else sees the beauty and classic details of this pair like I do, these will get snapped up fast!