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Vintage Furniture Worth Holding Onto: Chartreuse Needlepoint Sofa

With all the furniture buying and selling I do, I rarely actually keep any of the furniture unless it's:

a) truly one of a kind and would be nearly impossibly to replace

b) such an incredible steal, that to buy something else like it would cost more than I really should spend on furniture for myself

c) is a very particular size that suits my house or the studio

This little sofa fits all of my criteria, so it's a  keeper. I almost never buy vintage upholstery, because it's usually in rough shape and needs reupholstering, which isn't the main focus of my business. But when I was out scouring thrift stores with a friend a few months back, I took one look at this sofa and knew it was coming home with me.  I didn't actually have any need for a sofa [I already have THREE!] but I just knew there was no way I'd ever find this exact one again.  I loved it's slim lined silhouette; it has a high shelter back and is only 32" deep, making it perfect for small spaces.  It's really cushy and comfortable [down filling!], and the cushions were clean and in great shape.

But what sold me was the unique color and pattern on the sofa.  I've never seen a green and chartreuse sofa in a needlepoint fabric! It reminded me of Jonathan Adler for some reason [he does love his needlepoint pillows] and I just knew that it would completely transform whatever room it ended up in. So sure enough, it will be joining me at the new studio next month!  I'm honestly not sure of what the sofa is valued at [all I know is it was done by Shaw furniture out of Charlotte, North Carolina]. Just by chance I did find a matching pair of swivel back chairs online and was SHOCKED by the price! I'm not entirely sure my sofa is worth upwards of $5k, but if it is, that's all the more reason why I plan to keep this baby. I paid a whopping $70 for it, so it's an investment worth holding onto!