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On the Hunt for a Mid Century Cabinet

Soon I'll be saying farewell to this beautiful piece of furniture. I've been storing it in my house for a friend who is also in the furniture business, and it will now be making its way into her booth at an antique store very soon! I've used it in a number of photoshoots over the past year and it's really just a gorgeous vintage piece. I originally styled it to work as a piece for a dining room [it was the perfect backdrop for all my green, blue and white serving pieces!].

Now that I'm parting with it, I'm on the hunt for a piece just like it for my studio.  I think it's the exact thing I need for storing and displaying all my styling props [the little bits and bobs you see on top of and around my furniture in photos].  One of my New Years resolutions is to venture out beyond my usual furniture haunts in search of auctions, estate sales and thrift stores far and wide. [clearly I've just watched entirely too many children's movies recently since I'm writing as if I'm in a fairy tale...].  Mid Century furniture is so popular right now, and it can be incredibly pricey in the heart of Atlanta, so I'm going to need to do some hunting before I'll find one that works for me and my studio's budget [and right now things like a dolly, furniture refinishing tools, and painting supplies are top priority!].