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What to do with oddly sized furniture: rustic white dresser

Sometimes I find furniture in odd sizes. This one was definitely unique.  It's not terribly tall, so it reads almost like a large nightstand. I was a bit stumped by what to do with it at first, until I realized I had the perfect spot for it...

It's incredibly deep at nearly 23 inches!  It definitely feels a bit boxy, since it doesn't have any decorative carvings or stand out details, but it is a solid, sturdy piece, that's for sure.

To try and make it feel less like a giant block [I didn't even have the heart to take a before photo, it was THAT bad] I painted it with a few coats of Annie Sloan's Old White and swapped out the plastic hardware for these vintage pulls. 

That and a bit of distressing, I think it turned out to be a piece with simple, rustic charm. It could work quite nicely as a nightstand with ample surface space for placing a book or two [or five], a lamp, and whatever other tchotchkes you may keep at your bedside.  But we're actually using it as extra deep storage in my mom's walk in closet.  The measurements were just perfect for the space, and since we have more nightstands than we know what to do with, closet storage was the perfect job for this guy. 

As always, it is listed on Craigslist and in my shop, so if you're in need of a a sizable nightstand or maybe need to do some organizing in a closet like this, it could be for you!