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How I painted this dresser in seven steps

Step one: clean off dresser [yes, that includes the creepy cobwebs that are inevitably beneath it]

Step two: paint it with two coats [or in this case 2.5- Napoleonic Blue doesn't like to cover as uniformly I find] and allow to dry in between [takes under an hour to dry...magic!]

Step three: sand the entire dresser with 400 grit sandpaper [nothing too gritty, unless you're wanting to do some serious distressing] and brush off any thick clumps of sandy bits

Step four: apply a thin layer of dark wax all over the entire dresser working in small sections.  For dark wax, I like to use a t-shirt rag to apply it with the grain of the wood.

Step five: allow the wax to dry. [I usually wait about 30-45 minutes for a large piece like this]

Step six: buff the entire dresser with a clean t-shirt rag [if painting with light colors, always use a white shirt, but for this guy, I had a blue on on hand]

Step seven: take a million photos of it from every angle and bask in your furniture painting glory! [scroll through the photos to see a mixture of progress shots and lovely photos for my shop!]