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Pssst...I'm getting a studio!

Soooo...I'm GETTING A STUDIO/OFFICE/LOFT/RETAIL SPACE/AWESOMETOWN [okay, it's sort of a hybrid of all those things, but I'm still giddy!]. I haven't talked about it much, since it didn't feel all that real until recently. Just the other day, I was with a friend helping him check out apartments, and found out that my unit was complete and I could actually go inside and check it out! I've known about it for months and I've had the floor plan, so naturally I intricately designed how the entire space would look without ever having stepped inside.  But to actually go there and stand in it made me realize this is happening, and SOON! My official move in date is February 3rd, so just over six weeks from now, which is both exciting and daunting.

My plan is to use this space as a place to work on my furniture pieces, do photo shoots, meet clients, teach classes and hold events.  The last two are what I'm most looking forward to! For a long time, I've wanted to have a space where I could teach painting and cooking classes [not simultaneously, though that sounds like fun!]. Don't get me wrong, it's so wonderful working from home and having my pets [2 cats and 2 dogs] with me all the time, but those lovely creatures also lend to all sorts of issues when it comes to painting furniture [dear GOD the pet fur!] and having clients over [is there a stronger word for barking?]. Here's a sneak peak at my flat [specifically a flat at Ponce City Market, more on that in another post!]. I'll talk more in future posts about what exactly will be happening in the spaces, but for now, just try and imagine a magical place full of furniture and other design projects. Happy Friday! -Jo