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The Great White Dresser

After finishing this piece, I vowed never to paint another one quite so large. But of course, in the week since I completed it, I already took home another one identical in size! At six feet long, it's definitely a grr presence in any room, but its size is what makes it so versatile.  Most of my clients use dressers like this as changing tables for their baby's rooms, since they have ample storage and are the perfect height for that purpose.  But I also love seeing these as either an entertainment center in a living area, or as a sideboard in a dining room.

The carving details in this particular piece are what sold me, but they're also what made this extremely difficult to paint.  The moulding details are quite deep, so it took a really good round brush to get the job done, but I love the results! It's beautiful, it's majestic, it's bathed in Annie Sloan's old white paint. I distressed it in my usual style, and it's an absolutely knock out. I especially love the additional drawers tucked behind the cabinet doors on each side. I'm about to post it on Craigslist and in my shop, but for now, it's a perfect piece to have beside my fireplace this Christmas.