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Ringing in the New Year in Blue and Gold: Pair of Nightstands

Sometimes things just fall into your lap. In this case, a beautiful pair of nightstands and a long dresser fell into mine.  I was out of town, and my mom [my furniture hunting assistant] texted me a photo of these, and I immediately said, BUY THEM! 

The design of the set is nothing short of timeless. I was especially taken by the gorgeous gold details that seemed to jump off the dull, dinged up wood. All I needed to do was figure out a way to continue to feature these striking accents while giving the rest of the furniture a second life.

I opted to paint the each piece entirely in paint, including over the gold. Because of this, I opted to paint two VERY thin coats of paint.  I knew I wanted to heavily bring out the original wood tones, and have these look and feel genuinely antique.  

To reveal the gold details, I used a piece of superfine steel wool that I dipped in a bit of water. This is actually a really great tool for doing any sort of distressing, since it creates a more rubbed off effect.  But I just opted to use it on the gold, since I knew the fine wool wouldn't scratch the metal work like sandpaper might. 

As you can see, the results bring out the gold beautifully, while still showing bits of the paint that had once cloaked it.   

As you can see, this set is built impeccably with proper dovetailed drawers. The brand is Drexel, a well known maker of great quality furniture.

When I photographed this pair [I was still finishing up its coordinating dresser], the natural sunlight was doing all sorts of crazy things! Who needs fancy filters to emulate sun flare when it happens all on its own!

When styling the set, I thought I'd include one of the Christmas presents I gave my mom, a painted frame with one of her favorite photos [taken at Lake Geneva in Switzerland]. 

The combination of blue and gold is something I can't get enough of. I created this color [which turned out to be very similar to Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue] using a combination of Graphite [2 parts], Florence [2 parts] and Napoleonic blue [1 part]. 

It feels pretty great ending this year with some of my best work.  I really and truly love designing and painting furniture. This past year I've completed more pieces than I ever thought possible, and although I'm proud of everything I put out there, certain projects just resonate with me [like this pair!]. 

 I hope to build on this momentum and continue to paint great pieces like these in the coming year. There's so much I want to accomplish and do and create and make. Here's hoping the new year is as exciting as 2014!