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Local Sweets: Fortuin Artisan Cookies


Apologies for the brief hiatus! I was away in New York for a work trip, and had planned to post daily, but I forgot that wifi doesn't always come free these days [but it really should!] but I've got lots of great things to share from my trip [so much good food and wine, I could hardly stand it!]. 

But before it was too late, I did want to plug my talented friend, Joe from Fortuin Artisan Cookies, who makes some of the most delicious confections I've had [his candied ginger and citrus ricciarelli cookies are TO DIE FOR]. 

He was just featured on,  a hub for lots of great deals on all things beautiful or delicious, with a focus on your local city.  His recent offering [which just sold out!!] was for a dozen custom fortune cookies in chocolate and almond flavors.  If you order today, you'll actually receive the cookies in time for Valentine's Day, so it's a perfect way to give a truly custom, heartfelt gift, even at the last minute! Aside from being delectable, everything he does has a great attention to detail.

I get to enjoy all his cookies since I've done photography work for the company, and whether you're ordering for the holidays or just in need of a sweet fix, I can't say enough about everything in the Fortuin lineup.