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Magazine Organizing: Culling Through a Year's Worth of Paper

This is what happens when you get hundreds of free magazines!  Jake decided he'd supervise my work.

This is what happens when you get hundreds of free magazines!  Jake decided he'd supervise my work.

Maybe hoarding is just a theme I'm working with this week, but it's a little shocking to see how many magazines I've amassed over the last year.  Last year, I had quite a few frequent flyer miles that were about to expire, and since somehow all those miles still couldn't pay for a flight anywhere [I'll never understand the mysteries of redeeming miles!] the only way I could make use of these accrued miles was to redeem them for free magazine subscriptions; a MOUNTAIN of them.  

Most were actually magazines I'd read anyway, but some were just for curiosities sake. I'm in no way, shape or form a fashionista, and yet I've been receiving a ridiculous number of fashion and beauty magazines all year long.  I decided on this Ice-Day [the branches of my trees are beginning to snap - I'm a little concerned!] to just go for it and organize EVERY magazine I have.  If you can believe it, I was actually getting rid of quite a few as I read them over the months, but I still managed to have this much of a surplus.  

I have a bit of a system when it comes to this, and it begins with sorting all the magazines by category and title [after all, I'm a librarian at heart].  Then, I'll sort through each pile and decide if I've read through it.  If I have and there's nothing I want to save in the magazine, I can toss it in the recycling bin.  But, when it comes to my cooking magazines, I'll have A LOT to do.  I love trying out new recipes, but I'm so terrible about saving recipes and organizing them properly.  

The system I'm going to try out involves several binders, a three hole punch, scissors and glue.  Things are getting real crafty over here on Greenwood! I'm going to page through all the wonderful recipes, and anything that seems absolutely worth trying, I'm going cut out and add to its respective binder.  I'd like to even go so far as to organize the recipes by season and meal [quick dinners, vegetarian, party recipes, desserts, etc.].  In an ideal world, I would just type everything out and have it organized on my laptop, and that very well may happen in the future, but for now, I'm going old school with this scrapbooking tactic.

I'd like to do the same procedure when it comes to design magazines, as well as any interesting or moving articles I've read.  I get a lot of writing inspiration from other writers, and it helps to have a few pieces compiled to garner inspiration from when I'm in a rut. The same goes with photography and styling inspiration.  I'd love to work with more magazines in the future, and seeing what other stylists do inspires me. I'm also a sucker for all travel magazines, and have an exponentially long list of places I'd love to go.  

I started this process just a couple hours ago, and this could easily take days to accomplish, but I'm resolutely determined to get this done and have a massive recycling pile when all is said and done.  

Wish me luck! Hopefully I come out fully organized on the other end...

I know, this isn't normal...

I know, this isn't normal...