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Organize Your Bathroom in Style


Check out my inaugural mood board for A Simpler Design!  For details on all the items and their current prices, scroll to the bottom of this post!

I've been helping a good friend furniture shop for her new apartment recently.  In passing, she mentioned wanting to find a spot to have a vanity, and it reminded me of when I designed my own bathroom.  When designing my new bathroom, I knew I had to have a dedicated spot to store my skincare and makeup regimen.  The countertop surrounding the sink is typically where most people store everything. But for most women [and some men!] there are just SO many little bottles of random elixirs and potions [doesn't that sound far more mysterious and interesting than moisturizers and mascaras?]. It tends to be a cluttered mess and inevitably everything gets wet [just like when I'm in a public bathroom, and all I want to do is put down my bag so I can wash my hands, but EVERY SURFACE is wet! WHY IS EVERYTHING WET?!]. Okay, back to my solution...

I was able to create a vanity wall using:

  • extra countertop material
  • wall brackets
  • small ottoman [this one even has storage- win win!]
  • mirror
  • sconces

Here's what it looks like:


No, there aren't always beautiful violet anemones welcoming me in the morning, but it does often look this organized- not too shabby! Don't have a wall in your bathroom that works? Repeat this same application in a bedroom, or even in a hallway if you're really cramped for space.  Having a dedicated space to do your hair and makeup has made a huge difference in my morning regimen.  Things stay super organized, and my sink area stays clean.

Back to my mood board: I hand picked all the items above based on my friend's style in mind, and everything came from West Elm, easily my favorite big name home decor store.  Most of their things are really affordable, and they periodically have awesome sales and promotions, which truly allows anyone to create their own organized, stylish space on a budget.  

1. Parsons Hooks - Gray Herringbone  2. Lens Sconce [plug in] 3. Tri-fold Mirror 4. Reclaimed Wood + brackets [3']  5. Upholstered Stool - Blue Lagoon 6. Bamboo Laundry Hamper - Double 7. Pleated Stripe Bath Mat - Citron 8. Mosaic Triangles Jewelry Box - Small 9. Stripe Shower Curtain - Dusty Navy