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Caramel Cake with a Side of Flowers: Photography in the morning light

Had such an amazing birthday dinner, I had ZERO room for birthday cake last night! As I began to work on my first slice [because why not have caramel cake for breakfast?], I realized the light this morning was hitting the cake beautifully, leaving me no choice but to put down the fork and pick up the camera! 


The bright, pink ranunculus I bought the other day are in full bloom now, and just made the best cake in the world even better! I had an urge to cover the entire cake in flowers, but they're still in such good condition, I didn't want to disturb them! I love keeping cake decorating simple; it allows the cake to be the star of the show. 

cake and dogs



I wish I could let you all come over and have a slice with me, but I hope these pictures will suffice! Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes, they genuinely made my day!  Love, Jo