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Rustic + Skinny: Green/Gray Bookcase

Rustic + Skinny: just how I like my men. Well no, not actually, but it is how I like my bookcases! This one is painted in a sage greenish/gray color, and has that great vintage, distressed look. I love it because it's super skinny, only 7" deep, so it can be tucked into all kinds of wonderful places in your house. 


It's perfect in a bedroom to house special photos and your bedtime reading materials, in a kid's room to store their favorite toys and books, or on a spare wall in your living room or office.  It's solid wood, so it's sturdy, but light enough that one person can move it around without breaking their back.  I styled it with all kinds of colorful objects, which gives a good visual of how this color can work with so many others.


After the renovation, I made sure to incorporate tons of built in storage all over the place, so I no longer need this piece, but I know there are quite a few someone's who do need a skinny bookcase just like this.  For more details, check it out on Craigslist or in my shop!


All photos were taken by my awesome photographer friend, Dark Stripe Media [check out his work!]