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Gray Skies + a Gray Desk

It's been rainy and gray here in Atlanta for a few days, making painting furniture out of the question until things clear up. My current workspace is my deck. It's spacious, so it allows me to spread out all my tools and get my sanding and painting on, without worrying about having to keep things tidy.  But things are going to have to change soon.  The annual pollen dump on Atlanta is fast approaching, and I'm about to have my deck stained, leaving me without a decent place to paint.  


I'd love to have a studio where I could have the space to work on all the creative [and messy] things I want, but that's still a work in progress. In the meantime, while I have a few days off from painting, I'll be clearing out some of my inventory.

Today's post features this vintage solid wood desk and chair in a matte lacquer dark gray. This piece is definitely on the feminine side, but is painted in a more masculine, dark gray. It has beautiful lines and four drawers for ample storage. I used it as a vanity table, but now that I have a built in makeup space in my bathroom, I no longer have a use for it.  The desk is perfect for an office. Don't have a separate office? Create a work space in your main living area! That's honestly where I do most of my work anyway- I LOVE spreading everything out on my big dining table, but having a dedicated desk in there would be even better.  The matching chair is currently in a pink chevron.  But since not everyone loves pink, I can reupholster it for an additional $30 in any fabric shown [see the last photo]. 

I really love this girl, but I need to start making space for new painting projects so she has to find a new home.  Check out her Craigslist ad, or find her in my shop!


One of my favorite furniture photos I've taken; the light was perfect, and the hot pink ranunculus just pop with the dark gray desk.  


I so badly want to upholster the seat in one of the yellow fabrics on the left- I just LOVE gray and yellow paired together.