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Seven Rooms, One Dresser: The Little Black Dress of Design

I was actually planning on putting this old girl up for sale in my shop, but she didn't last long enough; she's already going to her new home this afternoon!  Even though we're parting ways, I wanted to post some lovely photos I took of her last week, and give some simple tips on how versatile a dresser like this can be.


Aside from being one of my favorite shades of gray [the paint I used on this one is called Luxe Gray from Amy Howard], this tall boy dresser has a lovely bowed shape, which is mimicked in the oval drawer pulls. Here are seven ways I'd recommend using this tall dresser anywhere in your home:

Entry Way: This is where the dresser first began in my house was front and center, right when you entered through the front door.  Whether you have a foyer or not, it's nice to have a place to throw the mail and keys when you enter the house.  It has a great presence, and doesn't read like a dresser, more like an antique showpiece. 

Dining Room: Instead of doing the typical sideboard, it could be nice to add something with a little height in this space, where the main features are lower to the ground [table and chairs].  A big mama like this will provide ample storage for your placemats, napkins, occasional serving ware and more.  

Bedroom: Well, this is a bit obvious, but a dresser does work very well in any bedroom setting.  Whether it's for the master, a guest, or a child/teen bedroom, this baby will deliver on the storage front for sure. There's never enough storage space in a bedroom, and this one has storage in spades.

Children's Room: What a great way to make clothing both accessible and inaccessible to the kids! Does that make any sense? Let me's important for kids to learn how to pick out clothes in the morning [and learn how to put them away!].  Then again, you don't want them to necessarily have access to ALL their clothes! With a tall dresser like this, you can load up the lower drawers with their everyday necessities and things you're okay with them grabbing.  This gives them the ability to work on this life skill while they're small, and over time they'll [literally] grow into the dresser. 

Family Room: There are always things to be stored in a family room: board games, toys, serving trays, throw pillows, blankets [yada yada yada].  It's also a great place to display some family photos, potted plants, and other personal touches.

Office: Maybe it's just me, but I have quite literally a zillion things to organize in my office.  Papers, art supplies, fabric samples, paint chips, tools, magazines, catalogs, never ends! You could even put dividers in the larger drawers, and use them a filing cabinet. 

Bathroom: Most of us don't have a spacious enough bathroom for a piece of furniture like this, but it does make a fantastic alternative to a linen closet.  If you can't fit it inside the bathroom, try to have it somewhere close by, maybe at the end of a nearby hallway.  That way, you'll have access to all the towels and toilet paper and bedding you'll ever need.

So the next time you're looking to invest in a piece of furniture, consider a tall boy dresser like this one!