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Wizards and Donuts and Buffays, OH MY: funny craigslist finds

Today I'm off picking up some furniture so I can get my paint on next week.  I'm planning on doing some lacquer work- exciting stuff! But in my tireless searches on Craigslist, I've stumbled upon some particular beauties.  I'm a bit of a spelling snob; it's not one of my finest traits, but when I see bad spelling, I have the uncontrollable urge to correct it.  Craigslist is a veritable buffet [or buffay!] for spelling mistakes, which I love/hate.  There's also a disturbing number of bizarre things for sale, so I thought I'd share my most recent sampler with everyone. Just a little light Saturday Craigslist perusing is all :) Happy weekend! -Jo


Sometimes if the spelling mistake just happens once, it's forgivable...but TWO BUFFAY'S?! OIY.


I chose this partly because, well, it's a donut pillow.  But mainly because I'm curious as to who would go out of their way to post a donut pillow for three bucks!


DUDE. This is a large shoe chair.  I can't believe someone ever purchased it in the first place! Oh and FYI, not super cute.  


Um.  Well, at least it's a bargain!  I audibly laughed when I saw this.  [yes, I LOL'd]. For that reason alone I now want it. 

ugly lamp

I saved the best for last...I really love the honesty put forth in the description here.  If you find something that awful, why would you 1. try to sell it on Craigslist, and 2. use it's ugliness as a selling point?! Oddly enough, I don't find the lamp all that ugly.