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A Fairytale Chair: How one piece can define + transform a space

“Begin at the beginning...and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

When designing a space, it has to begin somewhere. Whether it's based on architecture, color or necessity, inspiration for design has to have a grounding element.  Maybe a room has a stunning floor to ceiling window that must be featured, or a tiny nook carved out from a dormer that needs to become a cozy hideaway for a child.  There are times where color is king: are your kitchen cabinets a bold teal? Is there an adjacent room with a striking accent wall? Those colors will directly impact the design of those rooms and the rooms adjoining them.  

For me, when I first saw this chair, I knew it would become the defining piece in any room.


I saw this chair and was immediately brought back to fond memories of Alice in Wonderland.  There's something about it's scale and shape that's almost fairytale-like. It has long legs and slim, curvy arms. But my favorite feature has to be the bowed back that almost embraces you when sitting in this beauty.  It's exceptionally comfortable and cozy, yet has such elegance because of its shape and stately ticking stripes.  


For me, this chair absolutely transforms any room it's placed in. When I added it to my living area, it took the space from a mixture of mid century and rustic, and added an effortlessly chic flair. Because the colors are neutral, the chair works with almost anything it's placed with.  My photographer friend really brought the chair to life with these shots, and these are now some of my favorite design photos.

I'm having a hard time parting with this chair. I've really never seen another wingback like it, and it feels like something I should keep, leaving me torn. But if I'm able to find it a home, one that will appreciate it as much as I do and use it to define their space, then I'll feel good about selling it. Check out the chair's Craigslist ad, or find it in my shop here.  Maybe your home will love it as much as mine has!


Referring back to the Lewis Carroll quote, it really resonates with me and my thoughts on design, but have a hard time following through with its meaning. I know how to begin to design a space, but I always come across this slight dilemma: I can see a room a hundred different ways.  Even if I know one particular design is functional, beautiful and just about perfect, I still have the itch to change it.  Perhaps one day I'll come to the end and know when to stop, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon!