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One Room, One Store, Total Transformation: HD Buttercup

When designing a space, I never want it to feel like it was all sourced from one store. So often do I see homes that look as if they were cut and pasted directly from a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalogue.  Don't get me wrong, I love lots of things big stores like these put out there, and I do have to thank Pottery Barn for being my initial impetus for falling in love with design when I was younger.

That being said, I much prefer a room or home that was pieced together over time, where it feels more organic and less like it was plucked from a big box store.  The problem is, when working with some clients, it can be challenging to source from many stores.  Sometimes a client wants a room done in a week [ah!] and only has time for a one stop shopping trip.  I've seen HD Butterup on other design blogs and tv shows based out of LA, and was always intrigued by the store.  I most recently saw the show featured on an episode of Flipping Out [LOVE/hate/want to be Jeff Lewis!] and so I was inspired to pull together pieces that could work in unison, but wouldn't necessarily feel like they were all from one store.  


A warm, apricot color always makes me think of spring, so I started designing the space around this chair [#3]. Once I came across that lovely teal sofa [#1], and since I can't really say no to teal...the entire room came together quickly. What I like about HD Buttercup is almost everything they have is made from sustainably sourced materials. Although they are definitely a higher end retailer, they occasionally have really great sales, making things that may never seem affordable, actually within reach. Most of the pieces I chose are currently on a special promotion, and all of them are definitely pieces that would make a great investment for your home.

I pulled together a quick floor plan where I used two of the cabinets [#5] beside a fireplace, but they also could easily flank a TV console, and two of the linen poufs [#4], which help create a larger seating plan. This gives you an idea of how to envision these furniture pieces to scale in relation to one another, but they easily can be arranged in a number of ways. 

floor plan