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Adding Color to the Kitchen: Turquoise Blue Counter Stools

Kitchens tend to be the one place where it's tough to bring in a lot of color. Most of the surfaces are neutral: countertops in natural stone or laminate, cabinets in wood or white, appliances in stainless steel or black, you get the picture.  Usually color finds its way in through the walls and hand towels, and not much else.  My kitchen is very classic: black quartz countertops, light gray cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and walls that are a gray-teal [Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay].  I thought I'd try and bring out the wall color by painting some furniture, making the counter stools for my peninsula a natural choice.


I decided to go with a bright turquoise blue color in a hand distressed and wax finish.  I find that counter stools get a lot of wear and tear.  Every one I've every had has eventually been covered in scratches and dents, so creating a distressed finish actually embraces this thoughtfully worn workhorse of the home.  I applied many layers of wax, making the seat extra durable.  It also helps to bring out the brush strokes and color variations. When I paint in this farmhouse style finish, I want the furniture to feel lived in and warm, and I think this pair of stools showcases that.  


I've decided I'd rather go with counter stools that have a back, since I like to spend time working on my laptop while at my peninsula. I really love how their turquoise color works alongside the neutrals in my kitchen, and I know they could do the same in any other space.  The color would add a nice, cool touch to a kitchen with oak or cherry cabinetry, and is a great way to bring in color to a rental where you might not be able to paint the walls.  Check out this pretty pair in my shop or on Craigslist!

counter stools close up