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The Number One Thing to Do in the Rain...

Looks like the east coast is going to have a wet weekend.   The bad news is it makes painting outdoors a bit of a challenge. [more furniture buying, less painting..uh oh...] The good news is the rain will help combat the onslaught of pollen that's blanketing my neighborhood. The EVEN BETTER news is now I have a good excuse to head to the movies! My plan is to go see this movie, for the art direction alone, but also for the ridiculously funny plot and because I've seen everything Wes Anderson has ever done.  [I think...]  Happy Weekend! -Jo

I want to print off this sign and hang it in my bedroom.  Love this beautiful depiction of the misty mountain landscape.

The GBH reminds me so much of Schloss Benrath [see below], a palace near where my aunt lives in Dusseldorf, Germany. That pink is unmistakable!

I want to go to there.  It's a giant ombre of pink and red and wonderful.

Anderson's cast of characters is always a treat. Love this collage of them!