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Saturdays are for Coffee + Craigslist

Since the furniture business has been kicking into gear, my once casual, loungy Saturdays have been bustling with furniture buying and selling and painting and hunting and TOOMANYTHINGSWITHFURNITURE. [head 'splodes]  But I've got to get while the getting's good, so as you read this, I'm probably out doing one of the above verbs! But before I left for the day, I had to post about my latest paint baby... [find her on CL too!]


She's a solid girl [solid oak, to be precise], and because she's so heavy, I decided to go with a light, airy gray color. Because some of her lines evoke an art deco feel, I decided not to distress this piece.  So she's got nice, clean brush strokes and a matte waxed finish. 


I styled her as a console table for a living space or sideboard for a dining room, but she's pretty flexible too [solid and flexible? Well hey now...], so she can work in almost any room. Since there's space beneath the table top, which is perfect for placing a couple pretty storage bins.  I used a couple woven bins I had on hand, but some colorful ones from Target could be cute, or maybe a vintage, rustic crate could work nicely. 


Although I styled it differently for the photoshoot, I really see this as a perfect TV console, since it's got a nice, wide top and since it's so sturdy, it can hold up any size TV. Are you the party house? Maybe make this your bar area, place a metal bin with ice below + fill it with beer, and have your liquors and glasses up top, perfect! Over the whole party animal thing? It would be just as awesome in a kid's room as a storage unit [books and stuffed animals on top, toys and art supplies on the bottom? It can actually work as a desk surface for kids, since it's a bit lower than your average desk [average is 30", this is 27" high]. 


I got a little carried away with the photos of this one, but I just loved how my old wooden spools looked against the gray and how my little pops of orange and the wood tones brought out the warmth in this paint color.  


Interpret this baby how you'd like, but I just love how it turned out [it was pretty 80's oak-tacular before!] and now it's a really classy looking piece of furniture.  


PS- Yellow and gray are BFFs.  They just are.