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Color vs. Black & White: Inspiration from The Warhorse

There are just some places in this world that naturally inspire me to write and think creatively.  Since my first encounter with The Warhorse, a coffee shop located at The Goat Farm, I was home.


I imagine if I ever have a loft space of my own, brick walls, exposed beams and all, it would look something like this.  The space is so lived-in and warm, and that massive wall of books just beckons you to sit and stay a while. Every time I come here, I seem to have the place all to myself. I take on the expansive farmhouse table in the back and spread out all my things, as if I'm at my dining table at home in my pjs [don't worry, I wear actual clothes to coffee shops]. I lose time in a place like this. [and I don't mind it one bit!]

I took a friend of mine here a while back, and he also loved the space.  While we were there, I snapped a few photos of him, since he was looking to possibly use one as a head shot in the future [he's a writer]. This space just photographs so well, I probably could have just closed my eyes, snapped a photo, and it would have been fantastic [I may be selling myself a little short, but really this space can do no wrong in my eyes].

He asked if I'd send him copies of the photos in color as well as black and white.  Of course, The Warhorse just kills it either way, and it's hard for me to tell which I prefer.


Ultimately, I'm a lover of color, which is why I pulled some of my favorite tones from this space into an inspiration board.  Even in the midst of summer, The Warhorse makes me feel as though it's mid fall in New England [or Portland, I've never been, but this is what I imagine Portland to feel like], and I'm about to write the next great novel [or blog post...]. 


As I write this, I'm debating packing up my laptop and heading over there.  Right this moment.  Let's go.  We'll take some photos, write, read, drink coffee and feel happy about the world.