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Introducing My New Web Design: 'Lisa Frank Chic'

I've always felt it's essential to incorporate elements of the past in design. The early 90s gets very little praise, despite its truly exquisite style choices. I still find myself gathering inspiration from this era, particularly from the Lisa Frank collection [also known as 'The House of Lisa Frank'.  


I'm particularly inspired by three key elements of the Lisa Frank aesthetic: unicorns, rainbows, and angel kittys. [butterflies are also encouraged, but not essential].  There's something so bold and avant-garde about her style.  I encourage you to look at your past and garner inspiration from it.  I'm really looking forward to incorporating angel kittys [or preferably, rainbow angel kitties, pictured below] in some significant way into my website and home.


Rather than sticking to the traditional use of wallpaper, I thought it would be a new design twist to create an accent wall of Ms. Frank's sticker collection.  It would become a living, breathing piece of art in my home. Friends and family can even add stickers to the wall as they're inspired to do so.  [I just love these scented penguins in embrace alongside strawberries, such a wonderful, unexpected touch!]


Not a fan of the traditional Lisa Frank style? I suggest trying your hand at Frank's more exotic designs, such as her sexy fruit collection.  It's not lacking in subtlety or flair, but it does take on a more mature look.  I've used the following piece as a mood board for my personal wardrobe.  You really can't go wrong with leopard and zebra prints in mixed company.

April Fools!