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Color Inspiration: Beer Bottle Labels [but really!]

The more I paint and design, the more I begin to see colors and how they interact with one another in different contexts. More often than not, I'm inspired by nature, but recently I've began looking at how marketing campaigns and ads use color. The designers of ads and labels know what they're doing; they're creating something that will draw the attention of their suggested audience. In my excessive Instagram / iPhone photo taking [my name is Jo and I have an addiction to iPhone photos], I've noticed a similar pattern with beer bottle labels.  


Many of them actually have great color stories, and their logos and artwork are definitely worth noting.  I'm probably one of the few people out there who are interested more in the label of a beer than its actual contents [sorry to all my beer enthusiast friends!], but it's interesting to me to see how the design of a label correlates to the actual taste of what's inside the bottle.


I'm no expert on beer [by a long shot], and certainly would end up botching the descriptions of any flavor profiles found in the three I chose here. But it could be a curious idea- the next time you order a beer [this also can work with wine!] pay attention to the label, note the colors [bright? warm? cool tones?] and see if it at all relates to what you're consuming.  From my experience it does, and for me, it gives me new ways to view color and see what colors work in conjunction with one another.  


Or maybe just drink your beer like a normal human being should.  It is Friday after all; no need to think too hard about anything now that the weekend is here!  Happy Friday :) -Jo