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Setting the Tone of a Space Using Furniture: Navy Blue Writers Desk

The way I see it, I love a home that isn't just one note.  I love when rooms flow from one to the next, speak to one another, but don't necessarily all look the same.  Sometimes, one room needs to feel vibrant and playful, while another should be a more serious, contemplative space. This all speaks to the word tone [not just in music anymore, folks!].  How do you want a space to feel? In searching for the right deck color recently, a Sherwin Williams employee gave us great advice, 'don't think about how you want the space to look, think about how you want it to feel.'  Genius, SW! For me, it's not necessarily just about choosing wall colors; there are so many factors that play into setting the tone of a space.


This brings me to my furniture feature of the day: this lovely navy blue writers desk.  I spray lacquered this piece in Amy Howard's Belgium Blue [best. color. ever.]. The idea of a writers desk already evokes a certain tone, possibly one of thought and focus.  Traditionally, this is where one would go to compose ideas in solitude, write letters to loved ones and friends about life and the most recent goings-on [a polite way of saying gossip].  The art of correspondence has become lost over the years, but that doesn't mean we all can't have a quite space to write and think in our home.


This table is the perfect little spot for just that; composing your thoughts [be it on paper or laptop], doing daily tasks like managing bills or doing homework [I love the idea of this desk in a child or teen's bedroom, FYI!] and just remaining focused on the task at hand.  This desk doesn't set a tone of checking Facebook; it's far too serious for such menial distractions! 

blue desk-close-jotorrijos

I love the petite size of this desk, which allows it to tuck into virtually any spot in your home. I also adore the details of a piece of furniture like this; the slots for keeping envelopes and paper, the impossibly tiny drawers for storing all kinds of secrets [or maybe just paper clips and pens].  A writers desk should be composed and neat, and this particular one allows for just that.  I imagine having this desk against a window overlooking the garden [how very Jane Austen of me], spending my Saturday thinking of nothing else but putting the pen [or quill- I've always wanted a quill!] to paper.   Can't you feel the tone of the space already? And all I've talked about is the one navy blue desk.  Check out this little gem on Craigslist [I'll get to posting it to my shop this afternoon I hope!].