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My Weekend in Instagram

Sometimes this happens: I have an awesome weekend; fun times with friends, great furniture buying and selling, yummy food, and an unnecessarily long night's rest [I think I clocked in 10+ hours last night, I was tuckered out!]. Then comes Monday morning, and it's quite literally impossible for me to get out of bed.  I'll wake up on the later side to begin with, but then I'll linger for far too long; I check emails, blogs, craigslist, texting, make a pillow fort for Watson [the dog].  Getting up is entirely out of the question.  But have no fear friends! I've put on clothes [albeit yoga/painting gear] had a smoothie [haven't quite mustered up the energy to make an actual meal] and am now sharing my weekend in Instagram with you!


Friday morning: head to my favorite thrift store with one of my favorite furniture buying buddies and stumble across this leggy number.  I was a little hesitant at first, but then peered down below and saw the quatrefoil details. Naturally, I was hooked! [she's getting painted this week, probably something classic and neutral- thoughts on color?]


Friday lunch: we mosey on down to one of my favorite eating/coffee drinking/generally wonderful places in Atlanta, Empire State South.  I order their Oyster Po'boy with a vinegar-y [it's a word] side salad, and my friend orders a fried salami sandwich [this is not your Oscar Meyers type thing, FYI], along with some of the tastiest white wine I've ever put in my mouth.  I had to refer to the menu, since my wine memory is pathetic, but we both had the Gruner Veltliner, Nigl, 'Freiheit', Kremstal, Austria, 2011. Not entirely confident what all those terms refer to, but having a wine aficionado of a friend comes in handy, all. the. time. 


The stubborn and sometimes not so smart-me later on decided to move this entire sectional, piece by piece from the front porch to the newly stained back deck.  If I'm going to subject myself to attempting a decent tan, dagnabbit I will do so in comfort!  I got some questionable bruises and burns in the process, and threw out my shoulder for the 87th time, but I did so all by myself.  I'm a big kid now!


Later that evening I had a late night drink or two, with a side of tittle pop [yes, you read correctly, but there was a heated debate regarding the pronunciation of this snack] with my dear friends who were briefly in town. 


After a morning of doing taxes, my mom and I walked down to the newly revamped Pozole, now Bar Meatball, to test out their libations and eats. We each had a sangria [I personally preferred the white, but both were quite good]. I have to say, my meatballs were only okay.  I was a bit lazy to create my own meatball mixture, so I ordered a ready-to-go meal.  It was a bit on the dry and bland side.  That being said, my mom's meatballs and sauce were delicious! So order the classic red sauce, and maybe skip the chicken meatballs, if you check this place out!


Finally, we decided to have zeppoles with nutella sauce [in the vein of TREAT YO SELF!] and they were amazing, albeit lacking in a bit of powered sugar.  They haven't realized the true New York Italian way is to dump at least a cup or two of sugar in the paper bag prior to serving.  There is never enough sugar in this situation.  I'll send them a memo.


In the midst of a food and sangria coma, I spent some time laying out on my newly moved sectional with the dogs.  Kona is particularly good at sunbathing, as shown here. 


Later that evening we moved into the 'yay we're still young and awesome!' portion of the evening, when a group of my girlfriends and I had cocktails at the house and moved onto a bar to dance [Dude, I just gotta DANCE]. This old school Dane Cook video describes it PERFECTLY. Chicks Dude. 


Sunday Funday: a day filled with furniture buying.  Pictured: my new, lovely Annie and Amy paint storage piece, which will soon get tricked out with paper lined shelves, and new knobs [the toothpaste drawer handles just aren't cutting it]. Not pictured, the pair of Drexel side tables I purchased at Scott's Antique Market that morning, and promptly sold later that afternoon.  Fastest furniture turnaround EVER. 


To continue in the fun filled eating weekend, we headed to the new location of Sweet Auburn BBQ [love this place!] and I tried out their trio of BBQ tacos.  The most traditional of the three tacos was definitely my favorite: beef brisket topped with corn salsa and a killer avocado crema? OH yes.


Not pictured: moving a ton of furniture out of the house [I worked off my tacos for sure!] which is always a happy moment, because A: it means I've sold a bunch of furniture! and B: my house won't look like an episode of hoarders for at least one day! So WIN WIN. Too tired to make an actual meal, in a moment of weakness I purchased a box of Velveeta mac and cheese [shameful, I know].  But I shamed myself for long enough, and decided to try and rectify the situation by transforming said liquid gold into a healthier spinach laced concoction.  I leave you with: mac and cheese with a Velveeta, spinach, parmesan sauce, along with sautéed garlic chicken.  I can work magic with anything, I tell you!  I then promptly passed out from a food coma.  Thanks weekend! You left me satisfied and smiling [THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!].