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French Provincial Design from Every Angle: Cream & Gold Dixie Dresser

It's probably a good thing my tastes are slowing evolving towards more modern furniture, because otherwise I'd have a serious problem.  I seem to have really great luck at finding good quality French Provincial pieces here in Atlanta, and had we been talking five or six years ago, I may not be able to part with any of it! 


Thankfully, my tastes are changing, but these timeless pieces are still exceptionally poplar! It's no surprise why; French Provincial furniture has beautiful lines, lots of curves, and automatically turns a simple room into something much more formal.  Pieces like this remind me of period films, set in Versailles, or somewhere equally elegant and opulent. 

white dresser

But of course, we're not talking about genuine French furniture, rather, its American counterpart. Many French Provincial pieces, like this Dixie dresser, were likely built in the 60s or 70s. Considering it's likely pushing 40-50 years old, this dresser is in exceptional condition.  The bits of distressing and patina only add to its charm.


Since there's so much detail in a piece like this, I love looking at it from every possible angle.  I discover all the intricate paint details and wood carvings, and they make me happy.  Gold and brass are definitely back, and this piece has those little touches of gold that make all the difference.


I could easily see this dresser being used in a dining room as a sideboard, or in a hallway as a striking focal point.  No matter where she ends up, this dresser is timeless and a classic, and will work in any home.  I've got some takers on it already, but she may still be around this weekend, so check her out!