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Color Inspiration: Early Spring Patio Garden

I don't have a green thumb.  Or at the very least, not a consistent green thumb.  But I'm working on it, and it seems I'm getting better at keeping plants alive! A while back, we received a $50 store credit at our favorite local garden center, Garden*Hood, so we decided to invest in our herb garden.  The people who work at the Hood are so knowledgable about the plants they have and how to care for them, and since I'm not so knowledgeable, I trust their opinions completely.


I grabbed all the typical herbs I love cooking with: basil [but a new variety that I love], parsley, rosemary, and mint. There were a few others I decided to try just for curiosity's sake, and I'm looking forward to trying out some recipes using fresh lavender soon! We also picked up jasmine, which according to my plant guy, will spread across the entire lattice work of the deck at a rapid rate [I adore the smell of jasmine], and some other visually appealing plants.


All the pots were ones I already had lying around, but I never noticed how all the colors work so beautifully together!


My favorite feature in my little patio garden has to be the blue fescue grass I planted in an old metal tin.  I love the combination of textures, and would love to add more metals and grasses to my deck.  They're fool proof to maintain [less water is better!], which means there's a good chance I won't kill them! [fingers crossed]


When creating your own patio garden, just make sure to choose pots that give your plant room to breathe.  A few of my herbs are growing so rapidly, I'll likely have to transplant them soon [like the mint pictured above], but for me, I can't have enough of these yummy, beautiful plants. Happy Weekend! -Jo