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Inside a Vegetable Garden

Last week, I spent an afternoon helping a good friend tend to her vegetable garden.  It was bursting with all kinds of delicious greens, many of which I got to take home and enjoy. 


Ruby, the dog, was overseeing our work in the garden.  This dog has such a unique and striking coat. I could photograph her all day long!


I didn't get to take home any of this broccoli just yet.  It still needs a little time to grow, but that doesn't make it any less lovely.


Seeing these barrels full of buttery lettuce makes me wish I had a bright and sunny backyard like this. [or at least a green thumb!]


I had to include quite possibly the creepiest owl ever.  This guy's head is mechanized to periodically turn around, apparently to scare off animals.  All it did was terrify me.  Not okay owl. Not okay.


We pulled together this large bowl of greens for our dinner that night.  If you haven't picked greens and immediately had them in a meal [after thoroughly washing of course], you haven't lived! Being in a garden like this inspires me to grow my own vegetables, or at the very least cook and eat fresh vegetables daily.  I also now have an urge to paint everything and anything green! Stay tuned...