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My latest antique find + Sneak peeks at new furniture pieces

I know my last post had everyone on pins and needles, just itching to find out what I ended up purchasing on my antiquing trip.  Could it be one of the graphic, colorful quilts? An ever essential bookcase? A box of mac and cheese from 1987? All great buys, but I decided to go for the rustic, vintage, chicken coop looking thing!  [my description just makes it an obvious purchase, right?]

It was a love at first sight kind of thing, something that most normal humans wouldn't understand.  I even had a phone-a-friend moment, where I tried to have her convince me NOT to buy this.  But she was clearly the wrong friend to call, since she loved it as much as I did! 

It just has such character and the worn out green could not be anymore perfect.  

So maybe there's no real purposeful function for my new green love, but I knew it would photograph really beautifully, and I'm looking forward to styling it up. For the time being, it's the perfect spot for a few terrariums my good friend made [all of which will soon be for sale through my shop!] and some bird related objects.  It does feel an awful lot like a chicken coop, so the bird theme seemed appropriate! 

In other news...I've been PAINTING. A LOT.

Here are a few sneak peeks at pieces I completed over the past week.  They are definitely going to be hard to part with, which is why I've been delaying posting them to Craigslist and the shop, but I know they'll all go to great homes soon! I'll start posting them today and tomorrow, so stay tuned...