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Color Inspiration: Small Space Designing for Friends

I love helping friends redesign their living spaces.  Interior design never really feels like work to me as it is [because I love it entirely too much!], but when it's done with friends, it's all the more satisfying. It feels good to share what I'm passionate about with the people I care about.   I'm helping a friend revamp her carriage home.  It's in the perfect location [walking distance to work and restaurants], it just needs a little bit of love.  I asked her to find a color inspiration photo for me, and here's what she chose:


It's definitely on the bright side for sure! But as soon as I saw this photo, I knew I'd love to hang out in this space.  It's so warm and vibrant, and absolutely inviting. Since carriage homes are on the smaller side, and are essentially a studio apartment, you really need to commit to a design theme, style or color palette, otherwise the space will feel really disjointed.  Here's how the space looks currently:

It's comprised of three areas: living, bedroom and kitchen [I didn't lay out the bathroom and closet, but they're just beyond the door to the right of the bed]. The essential area of concern is the lack of storage.  No one ever has enough storage, but in a setting like this, it's imperative we come up with some crafty solutions. If we're be able to create storage space, while also keeping the floor plan open and clutter free, this design will be a success! She also just wants to have the space feel more like hers; something that showcases her style and aesthetic.

I always recommend starting a space with one grounding element of design.  This can be a rug, curtains, bedding, a piece of furniture; really anything that speaks to you from the start. From there, you can pull colors from that piece, or use it to help make color and style choices in the rest of the room. In this case, the first thing to go was her existing sofa.  It was bulky and gray and not particularly comfortable, so our goal was to find something with slimmer lines that also had a sense of style, but that guests would actually enjoy sitting in.  I found this vintage sofa on Craigslist, and was immediately sold. 

The color of the sofa seems like it was pulled directly from her inspiration photo, and it's definitely got a lot more style than her previous one. We went to check it out, and it looks even better in person! [the above photo was taken from its craigslist ad, so it's not doing it any justice- the seat cushion cover wasn't placed on correctly, so with a little tugging, I got it to fit properly, and it makes all the difference!] What's nice about this piece is that there's quite a bit of space beneath it, which would make for an ideal spot to tuck away some extra storage [we may be getting crafty with some wood and a saw to create some storage boxes...

I'm really looking forward to seeing how her space will transform over the next few months. I'll take you through the design process as we go along!