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Working With What You've Got: Distressing Existing Furniture

When I first picked up this dresser, I had grand plans to repaint it in a lacquer finish, change out the knobs, and possibly accentuate the stripe details on the lower drawers with a coordinating color.  But all that changed once I started to prep the piece for painting...


As I began sanding the dresser, I noticed different colors peaking through the layers of grime and polyurethane, which intrigued me.  I started to like how the colors of the greenish-teal, chartreuse, cream and natural wood tones worked together. So I continued to sand...


I love how the distressing gives furniture a lived-in, worn feel.  It takes a piece from feeling a bit too stuffy and stiff, and softens it just enough. I even began to appreciate the knobs that the dresser came with.  I feel like now, they make sense with the new found vintage patina the dresser was evolving into. 


Sometimes, when you find a piece of furniture, the inherent qualities of it are worth appreciating.  The existing color of this piece was already so lovely, it didn't need much to make it look even more beautiful.  After some strategic distressing, and a good coat of clear wax, this one was ready to go. 


This is another piece of furniture in a classic color that can easily transition into a number of spaces.  The worn, farmhouse style makes it more tangible and accessible, which is really how I prefer furniture to feel.  I'm looking forward to seeing this one in a new space! Check it out on Craigslist or in my shop!