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Color Coded: All things yellow

I'm writing from one of my staple coffee spots in Atlanta, Octane [there are two locations, and both are lovely, but I find I get more done at this one].  I'm working on several posts today, and quickly noticed something slightly peculiar: I'm currently wearing a yellow sweater. I paid for my iced coffee with a yellow wallet. Prior to coming here, I purchased a yellow scarf.  Yes my friends, there appears to be a trend forming....


On top of which, I opened my email and discovered one entitled, 'yellow stuff' from my friend Jedd over at Dark Stripe Media.  It was meant to be.  I had to write a post about yellow. These beautiful photos had to be featured in some meaningful way. 


Since I worked with Jedd on this shoot a while back, I had plans to create a recipe around all things lemony [google it. it's a word.] and yellow. I've still yet to decide on a recipe, so for now, I thought I'd share a few pretty things that feature my apparently secret favorite color [I always saw myself as a teal and blue kind of girl, but yellow does pair rather nicely with the two, so it makes sense that I have quite a bit of this buttery color in my repertoire].

Yellow is a really versatile accent color.  It works well with other primary colors [red and blue, kids], but also looks great with a fresh, spring green, or neutrals like creams and grays.  It will automatically brighten any space. For instance, if your office is windowless and devoid of natural light, add a bit of yellow and you'll get that sunshine you've been pining for.  Yellow just makes me think of spring and summer and all things bright and lovely. Plus, it's finally sunny in Atlanta again, so maybe that's why I'm in a particularly happy mood.  Also, it's the first of May, which signals the start of everything wonderful in my book.


1. Curtains, CB2 2. Chair, World Market 3. Vases, Lulu and Georgia 4. Rug, Rugs USA 5. Throw, HD Buttercup 6. Bedding, West Elm 7. Maxwell Dickson Art, APT2B