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A Special Breakfast for my Mom

Yesterday, in honor of one of the most important holidays of the year, I surprised my mom with a twist on our usual Sunday morning breakfast routine: tarragon scrambled eggs with spinach, onions and cheddar, butter fried ham [in lieu of bacon which I completely forgot to buy, but the ham was still quite tasty], and tea service with our favorite English breakfast blend and biscuits.  Yum!

I styled the table using a mixture of all our favorite pieces: a circus themed teapot from our first visit to Germany, a floral tea set from my aunt, my favorite Buckingham Palace cup [from the Buckingham Palace gift shop, not QEII's table, sadly], our set of vintage Bavarian china given to us by a friend, and even my violet Japanese tea cup to hold the sugar.  So many colors and styles, and yet they all work together quite nicely!  [eclectic love.]

I told my mom I wouldn't put her photo on here, but I had to include this snip it of her reading my Mother's Day card and Watson watching longingly [he loves her just a little too much!]. 

I absolutely love incorporating flowers into any design, and thought I'd try scattering a few dried flowers along the table, along with some fragrant jasmine from the garden. They may be my favorite part of this vignette!

The food was delicious, the gifts were appreciated [it can be so challenging to buy for the mom who doesn't want anything, but I think I found a few keepers this time!], and of course everything was colorful and beautiful.  Just like my Mom :)  I hope the photos I took remind you to appreciate your mom [or wife or other special lady in your life] not just on this holiday, but every other day of the year.  They're pretty great.  I think I'll keep mine.