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Before & After: An Heirloom gets a clean slate

It's really amazing what a fresh coat of white paint can do. I love color and creating one of a kind pieces, but sometimes simple makes all the difference. A client of mine asked if I would give her old dresser some new life.  It was an heirloom from her grandmother, and although she loves it and wants to keep it in her home, the color it was painted didn't work with her decor.  I actually liked the mossy green, but it was in bad shape. She asked if I would paint it white with just a bit of distressing, so it would better coordinate with the room it was going in. 

The before and after is really something. This old dresser is completely revived and refreshed!

I used Annie Sloan's Old White [it's the one white you really can't go wrong with!] and painted using smooth, horizontal brush strokes.  I wanted this piece to stay simple and clean, with not too much texture.  I brushed it with a clear wax, and then did some light distressing using coarse sand paper.

I used a superfine sandpaper on the top [I believe it was either 400 or 600 grit] to smooth out any thicker brush strokes.  It makes for a nice, buttery finish. 

Classic heirlooms like this dresser are the reason why I love what I do.  Furniture was made so well in the past and with such care, it seems like a crime to throw it away [never ever buy crappy particle board furniture! EVER!]. Each piece  I get to revitalize makes me feel like I'm doing my part to restore a bit of history, while also helping out our environment [you wouldn't believe how much furniture ends up on the sidewalk to be discarded in a landfill!].  If you ever need my help bringing your own heirlooms to life, or you're just looking to get away from the cheap, college-like furniture in your home, check out my latest custom furniture pieces, and my services page to see how I can help transform your space!