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Getting the look for less: Restoration Hardware's Steamer Trunk

When shopping for clients, I'm always thinking about how I can recreate a high end look for less. Sometimes we're willing to invest big bucks on a piece of furniture, especially if it's an antique or major piece [ie: sofa, dresser, bed]. But just because you can't buy the absolute finest pieces of furniture every time, doesn't mean you can't find great alternatives!

I discovered this awesome trunk, an antique reproduction made of vintage canvas.  I saw it and was immediately reminded of pieces I'd seen from the big name store, Restoration Hardware. [a store I love the style of FYI].

The trunks from RH are pretty astronomical.  Granted, they're of excellent quality, but they aren't antiques, and are priced as if they are!  The sticker shock is pretty significant: the trunk in the photo below, which is similar in size to the trunk I found is a whopping $1695! WHAT?!  It's absolutely a nicer trunk than mine: it has great brass locks, wood framing, and a great charcoal canvas [though I could easily recreate that color!].  But the numbers don't lie: the trunk I'm selling I've priced at $350 [and now it's on sale for $300 because I'm so low on space for new pieces!].  That's a difference of nearly $1400.  I could buy a really good quality sofa with $1400, or even furnish an entire living space! 

The details might not be the same, but if you're looking for that aged, industrial look, either trunk can help achieve that.  The nail head trim is still there and the canvas still has that wonderful worn look.

I love a trunk like this because there's ample storage for blankets, pillows [if this ends up at the foot of your bed] or board games and dvds [if this becomes a coffee table in your living space].  Puppies like Watson love it too, so you really can't go wrong!  Check it out on Craigslist, or in my shop [I'm updating all my pieces on there today, so you may not see it there until this afternoon]. Moral of the story is: if you love a certain style or design aesthetic, but assume it's out of your price range, think again! Your handy designer/furniture finder is here to help out :)