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Mid Century Finds: Brass and Marble Arc Lamp

I've been itching to share some of my recent mid century finds with you!  They always happen randomly, and are never pieces I have a dire need for, but surprise surprise, I always purchase them anyway, and now they're the latest permanent fixtures in my home! [it's VERY rare I'll sell my mid century finds, since I grow attached too quickly, but hopefully I'll start curating a collection to sell in my shop soon!]

Today's mid century show and tell was from a couple weeks back, while I was visiting a new antique store [well, new to me, they were a long established place that just switched locations], Decatur Estate Antique Mall. I HIGHLY recommend a trip over there because they have such eclectic pieces [including the largest disco ball I've ever seen in person]. I saw this lamp and was immediately drawn to it.  I've actually been on the hunt for a good arc lamp for sometime. The bulk of my furniture floats in my living room, and I've really wanted a good reading light for days when I spend long hours pouring over a book on my comfy leather sofa.  I thought for sure this lamp would be at the very least $250-300, which was really something I shouldn't spend, since I have plenty of fully functional lamps, and have no need for a new [vintage] one.

BUT...the dome of the lamp was gorgeous, not super spherical, much more donut-like in shape [and who wouldn't want a lamp that reminds them of donuts?] and although it was definitely 'loved' and worn with scratches, the brass was beautiful and light. Plus, the top part of the lamp twists and can adjust to wherever you're sitting and need your light source to go. [tempting...tempting...]

Once I saw the base was actually marble [something you really expect because arc lamps can tip over easily, and you want a good, strong base to keep them in line], I was nearly sold.  [nearly because I still didn't know the price!]

My lamp is very similar in style and size to this mid century lamp I found on Chairish, only I prefer mine because of its marble base [though I suppose this black rubber base would likely hide beneath a chair or sofa anyway] and because of the different shape of the dome. This particular one is listed at $500, but mine was an absolute steal at $65! Wahoo! [loves me a bargain].  Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours! [or rather, you're mine.] I love lamp!

Can you spot some of my mid century finds in here? [apologies for the cluttered look; this was taken after a long weekend and zero styling prep] One piece that's not in this room, but really should be is my amazing little green sofa.  I spoke about it a while back, and now it's just waiting to find a permanent place in my life [it's shifted from room to room already and I've only had it for a month or so!].

So far on my mid century quest:

  • skinny, long walnut bookcase, CHECK!
  • petite green sofa, CHECK!
  • brass and marble arc lamp, CHECK!
  • double sided teak desk, CHECK! [can you spot it in my great room? I haven't talked about it yet, but stay tuned!]

I'm still on the hunt for more, but right now I've got a decent little collection going.  I can't wait to share more of my mid century finds with you as they start popping up in my home!