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Navy Desk: Old is New Again

If you read all my furniture painting posts, you'll notice a trend: I love every single piece I feature on the site! I try to only put things out into the world I'm proud of, and that I would want to purchase and have in my own home. This desk absolutely fits that bill.

I spotted this desk and immediately knew it was special.  It's not often you see an antique desk with a curved front, slim lines, and ample storage.  It just doesn't happen everyday.  That being said, it was in rough shape.  The wood was chipping on the sides and on the drawers, and someone else would have taken one look and passed on it.  But I knew I could work with these supposed flaws and bring out its true character. 


One of my favorite paint techniques is creating this leathered look, where I paint in all different directions [rather than trying to create a super smooth coat], which allows for the clear and dark waxes to help play up the brush strokes. In this case, the chips and dings on the desk became a feature, rather than a hinderance.  They give an entirely new depth and dimension to this piece. 

I love the details of this key hole and the original wooden knobs. [if only it came with the key!]

The scalloped details at the bottom of the desk are the most feminine feature of this desk, but are countered by the more masculine navy/charcoal I used.  Specifically, I combined Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue and Graphite to get this amazing color.

The interiors of the drawers were in rough shape, and I may eventually paper the bottoms in something fun, but for now, I painted them a bright, citrine green [Amy Howard's Dunavant Green], which just brightens this moody desk.

I put a lot of love into this desk, and I realized I may need to start keeping a few of my extra special paint pieces, so I can show clients the type of work I can do.  This one may be my favorite piece to date [with my Aubusson Blue nightstands coming in a close second!].  I'll likely have this one up in my shop for a week, and on Craigslist, but if someone doesn't take it home soon, it's going to become a permanent fixture in my home, and one of my new showpieces.  So snatch it up right now if you can, before I get too attached! Happy Friday :) -Jo